Today’s Reminiscence of the Valley That Birthed Me

Today I was taken aback by a sudden, overwhelming reminiscence of all the little triggers to the senses that I associated with being in Venezuela.

A Quick Thought on Polarity

It’s hard to debate hot topics with people who disagree with us, yet the simple act of “being right” is rarely enough persuasion.

Nailed It! The Netflix Competition Show of Baking Absurdities

I probably fall in love too quickly, but have you ever come across a show so ludicrous that it just had to be a parody? A show whose first episode alone makes you question the very fabric of reality and what you once considered to be the confinements of TV broadcasting possibilities? Regardless of your answer,…

Thoughts of the Week | Sunday Dec 3rd, 2017

Thought #1: Literature I hope somebody makes a joke along the lines of, “worse than Virginia Woolf in a Kids’ TV Show.” Character: “*Gasp! Points at an object in the room* What is that?!” Virginia Woolf: “It looks like a hole, maybe someone perforated the wood, I wonder where the first lumberjacks came from, did…

Beautiful Minds

Monday October 17th, 2016: October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month. This overly-simplified list reminds us that some of the most brilliant minds in history have had some form of disability. Note: It doesn’t seem that Einstein was ever actually diagnosed with Asperger’s (the concept was not even developed until he was in his mid-60s)…