Nailed It! The Netflix Competition Show of Baking Absurdities

I probably fall in love too quickly, but have you ever come across a show so ludicrous that it just had to be a parody? A show whose first episode alone makes you question the very fabric of reality and what you once considered to be the confinements of TV broadcasting possibilities? Regardless of your answer, if you’re into the absurd sort of comedy that rules the land of the interwebs, oh, are you in for a treat! (Yes, pun.)

Netflix has come up with a baking show so amazingly absurd and hilarious that even if you feel you should hate it, you’re bound to crack up and watch it through—in my case, though, I loved it as soon as the opening sequence read, “the show where everyday home bakers attempt to recreate amazing treats…and don’t always get there.”

Now Streaming on Netflix

A group of three regular people with no exceptional skills in the kitchen are selected for each episode, and they each try to recreate beautiful, heavily intricate confectionery masterpieces for the first time, on the spot, with just an iPad with a set of instructions to guide them against the nagging pressure of the clock—and even the judges themselves. All in the hopes to take home the grand prize of $10,000 with a celebratory stream of money gun-fired bills, (and maybe a gift or two along the way).

First Episode Judge Panel for Netflix Original Show Nailed It! (Spoiler, a hat is involved)

Nicole Byer is the absurdly quirky and spontaneous host of the show. Her level of energy and comedic presence throughout the whole endeavor reassures me of the fact that very few would be cut to lead the pace of such a show. I lost it so many times… Too many times, (no such thing). Accompanying her is the sweet—I’m full of accidental puns today, sorry—master pastry chef and chocolatier, Jacques Torres, whose personality contrasts Byer’s with his soothing French accent and culinary expertise. A new guest each episode serves as the third member of the judge panel, and for the first episode, this role was fulfilled by grandmaster baker—is this a term?—Sylvia Weinstock, whose astounding levels of sass and Edna Mode-like presence make me lament the fact that she’s not a recurring judge alongside Byer and Torres.

Candid Celebrity Baker Sylvia Weinstock

I got reminded of Season 2 of Master of None, where Dev appears as host of Cupcake Wars spoof, Clash of the Cupcakes, but although this was a slightly sillier take on the show, Nailed It! takes full-on parody absurdity and turns it into an actual show. Absolute silliness ensues throughout the show, including panic buttons, the clichéd face zoom-in/zoom-outs, silly props, and just lots of room to be silly and funny in what seems to be a superbly relaxed setting. Absurdity aside, I also find the spontaneous, genuine feel of the show to be highly refreshing. Think whatever you want, but I side with the stance of saying God bless Netflix for providing a wide playing field for cinematic creativity, one that actually reaches wide audiences and is free of commercial breaks and their induced cliff hangers and show interruptions. Besides, what’s better than poking fun at other people’s hilarious cooking fails?


Nailed It! Now Streaming on Netflix

Wishing you a laughter-filled week,

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